Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Admiral Craft Pan Price

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Product Information

Item #: PBR-18264. Roast-Pan-25.75X17.75X3.5
Customers also search for: Roast Pan 25.75X17.75X3.5 - cake pan bun pan cake bun muffin pan Bakery Supplies Cake Bun Muffin Pans, PBR-1826/4

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User Reviews

Incredible Quality
Emmett Glenn

I ordered this pan without measuring the width of my oven. I wanted a huge pan to roast a turkey in. Because I cook turkey in a Portuguese marinade, the juices always overflow the typical smaller roasting pans.However, the pan is too big for my oven! Stupid me for not measuring the oven first.But let me tell you: This pan is absolutely fantastic! Incredibly durable quality, yet not so heavy that someone with minimal strength could not lift it.The roasting pan arrived long early in the delivery window and it arrived in perfect shape.I am reordering the correct size for my oven from ReStockIt!

Rating: 5 1 reviews

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